Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pickle Barrel Restaurant

What to eat? So not prepared. This is why I need an iPhone!!

In another city, not too sure what I can eat and just hoping for no fast food. We decide to check out the mall and if nothing, at least I know I can have New York Fries since they only do french fries.

Just in the door of the mall is the Pickle Barrel restaurant at Sherway Gardens Mall.They had a sign right on the hostess sign saying "Allergies, please let us know" So far so good. I check with the hostess. She's not too sure and I start to scan the menu. I find a few things I think might be okay and ask to speak with someone who may know. The manager comes out and we start to talk.

I never make this much effort or bring this much attention to it. He offered to bring me a copy of what they had and he did in a few minutes and made a point to mention it to the server as well who seemed aware. A server who is aware is also new to me. It was fairly limited but that's okay, since I'm fairly picky anyway!

I chose the Grilled 10oz New York, Striploin Steak  - Premium and well marbled beef with P.B.
special spice rub. Served with grilled vegetables, baby bok choy, mini potatoes and side salad.

Just salt and pepper on the steak, the veggies steamed and salad with balsamic and oil.

What a wonderful dinner at the Pickel Barrel!!!

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