Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Gluten Free Pasta

Another attempt at pasta. I enjoyed the Schar pasta that I had
bought much more so than the Tinkyada which had no flavour whatsoever.
The Schar pasta, as I've written about was good but really didn't heat up well. It sort of
defeats the purpose of making a big batch of sauce if it's not easy to
have noodles to eat.

That's one thing I haven't done in a while. Make my own sauce. Soon though.

I was told about a bakery nearby that had gluten free products according
to a sign in their window. So naturally, I was excited to go. I've been
there before and it was full of warm, crusty Italian rolls and breads.
I asked about the gluten free products and they pointed me to the only
things they carried. Corn pasta and spelt pasta. So they were 1 for 2,
I guess, since spelt is not allowed. Nor would I even try it if I could
since I don't particularly like the word "spelt". That's me. Super
picky but yet a food snob.

I bought a package of the penne and put it away at home along with all the other pastas I've picked up and have yet to try.

A whiff of homemade tomato sauce one day made me crave pasta though and I decided this would be the package I would try.

"The Le Veneziane corn pasta gets its characteristic golden color from its rich natural carotenes (vitamin A). This corn pasta has a delicate and gentle taste that allows it to work
with any sauce. It taste just as good as (some say better than) regular wheat pasta.

Le Veneziane corn pasta embodies Italian pasta making traditions at its best."

This was good.  Really really good. I didn't taste too
much of a corn flavour but this might be my new go-to pasta. Easy to
cook, not too starchy, not mushy, not brittle. As Goldilocks would say,
" It was just right".

I made the whole package and the leftovers, I rinsed in cold water to stop the cooking, then put a
little olive oil on the noodles so they wouldn't stick. I had a really
good feeling about the pasta. Threw some sauce on top and brought it to
work the next day for dinner. My gutsy Move of the Day? Not bringing
any other meal to eat. If this didn't heat up well and turned into
mush, I would have absolutely nothing to eat other than my snacks.


It was fantastic heated up as well. All in all, just like normal, eating for one meal and having great leftovers.

Now, I think it might be time to start making my own tomato sauce again.

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